Libros de texto y lectura de inglés

Libros de Texto 2017-2018
Libros de Lectura 2017-2018

1º Nivel Básico

  • The Missing Coins, by John Escott. Penguin Readers Level 1.
  • Goodbye, Mr Hollywood, by John Escott. Oxford Bookworms Stage 1.

2º Nivel Básico

  • The Presidents of Mount Rushmore, By Fiona Beddall. Pearson English Active Readers Level
  • A Cup of Kindness. Stories from Scotland, by Jennifer Basset. Oxford Bookworms. Level 3.

3º Nivel Intermedio

  • Jim Smiley and his Jumping Frog and Other Stories, by Mark Twain. Pearson English
    Readers. Level 3.
  • This Rough Magic, by Maria Stewart. Oxford Bookworm Library. Level 5.

1º Nivel Avanzado

  • East 43rd Street, by Alan Battesby. Cambridge English Readers. Level 5.
  • The Underdog, by Arkus Zusak.

2º Nivel Avanzado

  • Two faces of January, by Patricia Highsmith.
  • The Girl Next Door, by Ruth Rendell.


  • Music for Torching, by A.M. Homes.
  • The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkings.

Estos libros corresponden al primer y tercer trimestre (excepto en Nivel Básico 1 que corresponden al
segundo y tercer trimestre). El libro correspondiente al segundo trimestre se elegirá durante el curso.