Certified Copy, 24 Febrero, 20h, 22h en Teatro Apolo

Dir: Abbas Kiarostami; Starring: William Shimell, Juliette Binoche; Rating: * * * 12A cert, 106 min
Certified Copy is about a man and a woman. James Miller (William Shimell) is an author who’s visiting Italy to talk about his new book on the idea of originality in art. The woman (never named, played by Juliette Binoche) is a French-born gallery owner who seems captivated by those ideas. After his lecture, they drive to a nearby village. They start to talk about work, life, movement. It seems as if this is the beginning of a beautiful romance. But then some things are said. Some things aren’t quite said. Everything that we’ve seen and so happily gone along with seems pregnant with sadness, with ambiguity.
What a winding, beguiling film Abbas Kiarostami has made. The director of modern classics such as Close-Up (1991) and Taste of Cherry (2007) doesn’t normally shoot outside his native Iran. But that country’s government, fearful and authoritarian, has been making it harder than ever for him to work among the cities and landscapes he knows best, and so he has relocated to the cobbled streets of rural Tuscany, laden as they are with trattorias, matronly cafes and elegant statues, and crafted a meditative, sometimes funny, often melancholic mystery story that explores what it is we need to feel safe – or at least safer – in a world full of doubts and anxieties. (from: Certified Copy with Juliette Binoche is a winding, beguiling film)

Fecha: Jueves, Febrero 24, 2011 – 20:00 , 22:00 TEATRO APOLO (ALMERÍA)

El Teatro Apolo acoge una sesión más del Cine Club Universitario. En esta ocasión, los amantes del séptimo arte podrán ver ‘Copia certificada’, un film del iraní Abbas Kiarostami, rodada en 2010. Este trabajo obtuvo la Espiga de Oro por la Mejor Película en el Festival de Cine de Valladolid.
Esta es la historia de un encuentro entre un hombre y una mujer en un pequeño pueblo italiano en el sur de la Toscana. El hombre es un autor británico que acaba de terminar una conferencia. La mujer, de Francia, posee una galería de arte. Esta es una historia universal que podría ocurrirle a cualquiera, en cualquier lugar.
El film se podrá ver el jueves, en dos pases, a las 20 y a las 22 horas, en el Teatro Apolo.

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