Peter Pan

Peter Pan

La EOI de Roquetas de Mar te invita a la obra de teatro en inglés «PETER PAN«, representada por la compañía «No Laughing Matter«, compuesta por profesores/as y alumnos/as de las EOIs de Almería y de Roquetas de Mar.

FECHA: 3 de junio (viernes)
HORA: 20:30
LUGAR: Biblioteca municipal de Roquetas de Mar (detrás del ayuntamiento)
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Sir James Matthew Barrie

J. M. Barrie was born May 9, 1960 in Kirriemuir, Scotland.  Margaret Oglivy raised him in the midst of 10 other children, the mother he adored.
When Barrie was six, his older brother David (the mother’s favorite) died and Barrie spent the rest of his childhood trying to replace his brother for his mourning mother.  This attempt to replace a forever-young David would take it’s toll on the rest of Barrie’s adult life and his writing.  Barrie could be described as small and shy.  As a man, he stood little more than five feet, was quiet and awkward around women.

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EOI de Roquetas de Mar.